PTO pellet machine D-300P

Author: shengce    Time:2016/10/16

PTO pellet machine/ tractor pellet machine D-300P

D-300P is a hot model of D-type PTO pellet mill which is designed to be powered by a  PTO (Power Take Off)from a tractor, making pellets.

D-type PTO is able to process various agro or crop wastes like wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stover, rice husk, peanut shell, and also wood sawdust, grass, leaves, etc.

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Capacity: the PTO pellet mills have relatively high working efficiency because of the strong power source and at the mean time it consumes lower energy.

D-300P is our largest D-type PTO pellet machine, so the capacity is also the largest.

Double usage: Not only make feed pellets but also biomass pellets and some soft sawdust pellets.

Easy use: available to be connected with any engines, such as electric engines, diesel engines, gasoline engine, even tractors, which makes it more practical and convenient for pellet production and free from place and energy limitation.

Mobility: because of the power-take-off design, the PTO pellet mill is smaller in volume and lighter in weight comparing with other pellet mills. Put it anywhere with ease.

Wearing parts of PTO pellet machine are die and roller

Sencer biomass energy solutions


Sencer biomass energy solutions


Sencer biomass energy solutions








Packing size



Wood sawdust pellet 250-400kg/h

Feed pellets 500-800kg/h



Note:  PTO pellet machine D-300P is belong to D-type pellet machine, which make feed pellets, but also make biomass pellets.