Rocket stove with thermoelectic generator

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Rocket Stove with a 10 Watts Thermoelectric Power Generator
The  rocket  stove with generator  is  designed  not only  to improves  the  cooking conditions  and increase  burning  efficiency  for fuel  saving, but also  come with a  10 watts  thermoe lectric generate  for lighting  during  cooking  and  mobile phone  or battery  charging to  improve  life style.  
With  special  air  flow  arrangement   in  design,   the  stove  can  provide   just  enough  air  co mbustion  to  reduce  smoke  by  natural ventilation  and to  save the  fuel (the fuel  could be  wood, straw,  animal dung,  coal,  etc.). Taping  the thermoelectric  technology,  the  small generator  built  into the  stove  can generate  the  electricity during  the  cooking  by utilizing  a  small heat  from the  stove.   
The generator  of the stove  includes  thermoelectric  modules,  fan, heat  collector and  heat  sink. The thermoe lectric  modules  will turn  a bit of  heat from the stove  into  electricity  to power  the  fan  and give  extra   10  watts. The  fan  is  powered  by  its own  generator  to  coo l the  cold side  of  the thermoelectric   modules.  The generator is equipped with a USB,  5VDC output  for  powering  electron ic  products   like  charging  your mobile phone,  it  will give out  the
10 watts  output  after eight  minutes  burning.  The stove  can heat  up 2 liters  water  from 20 ºC  to 100 ºC
within 13  min and  just consumes  250g wood.  
The unit  is light  in weight, s mall in size and  easy  to carry for camping   or outdoor  cooking and also  good for home  in village  where the  electricity  is not provided.
how to work, rocket stove with a 10 w thermoelectric stove
Instructions in use
(1) Use like wasted paper or kerosene, butane, oil or small wood sticks and others easy burning stuffs to ignite, and add small dry woods in beginning to have the flame going large. And after, you can start to add more wood or biomass into stove for cooking .
(2) You will see the cooling fan of the generator start running after around 3 minutes of cooking. You can enjoy the electricity only when the fan is running in full speed.
(1) Please aware the hot of the stove outer casing although there is heat insulation in the stove. Do not touch while in use.
(2) After 5 minutes the stove is lighted, please check if the fan starts to rotate. If not, please stop and check.
Packing List
(1) 10 W biomass stove with a thermoelectric power generator one set
(2) 5 VDC USB one set
Specifications :
Part Number: TEG-BS-10W-5V-2

Output Power: 10 Watt

Output Voltage: 5 VDC from a  USB port

Maximum Temperature: 450 °C (Hot surface)  for generator

Dimension Size : 341 mm × 261 mm × 233 mm

Weight : 6.0 kg



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